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In our SALOONS, sound, light and air conditioning system, computer-internet connection, music, fire alarm system, barcovision, curtain, photocopy, flip-chart, large foyer area and other meeting facilities are provided.

We provide our perfect service for an effective meeting with the Technical Support Team, our accompanying staff and the custom menus for you throughout your meeting.

Also we are at your service with our hotel that has one of the largest Ball Rooms in Ankara and very special menus and treats for wedding, engagement and circumcision organizations.


SALOON FIRAT: It is 529 m²( at -2nd floor ) and it can be separated into 2. Once separated, one side is 329 m² and the other is 200 m².

Saloon Fırat has any kind of technological equipment, it can be divided into two rooms with a folding screen, it offers comfort along with superior service in your invitations, organizations, cocktails and conferences for any kind of need, taste and budget and it puts a smile on your face.

Classroom : 350pax
Theater : 675 pax
Banquette : 450 pax

SALOON YEKTA: 75 m² ( It is located at the 5th floor, takes the daylight, has a terrace)

Saloon Yekta takes the daylight; it is an elegant place designed for your pleasure and it has all technological equipment to make your communication during your meetings easy.

Classroom : 50 pax
Theater : 75 pax

SALOON ÇANKAYA: 70 m² (It is located at the 5th floor, takes the daylight, has a terrace)

Saloon Çankaya having the daylight perfectly serves you where technology and comfort meet aesthetic for your various cocktail organizations and meetings.

Classroom : 80 pax
Theater : 55 pax